Find your animal side

About the book

Mandalas are a form of visual art meditation, intended to be colored in a pattern from the center outward. This helps you find your own center. As you color, breathe deeply to charge your creativity. 

This book was created to help you find stillness in your day by connecting with your creative side. We hope to inspire budding artists and yogis of all ages.


As you explore the different drawings and poses, we encourage you to put pencil to paper and step onto your mat to try something new. You just may surprise yourself.

Give the gift of mindfulness

Give your friends, teachers, neighbors, and children the gift of Mindfulness! The Animal Side Coloring book makes a great gift for all ages. The book can be a stand alone gift or an add on to something else. We also offer the book bundled with colored pencils and a little special touch, wrapped and ready to go.

Custom orders are always available. Email me at to place an order. Need it shipped? No problem. 

Coloring Book: $12

Bundle: $20

Shipping: $3/book

*all prices include wrapping

Customer Reviews 

We love this book ... it is completely unique and GREAT for any age, a couple or a family. 

   - MDP on

This book exceeded my expectations. The pictures are simply amazing and soothing to color. I love the variety and descriptions of yoga poses, which cater to children of different ages and adults alike. Fun, creative, and mindful activity. Highly recommended for the whole family.

   - Sun Salutation on

Very creative concept, combing yoga and art, love it. Great for all ages.

    - Marilyn L. Bean on

The drawings are the best for coloring and the simple yoga poses are a very relaxing. Love this book and so does my whole family!

    - Amazon Customer