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Last Friday was an especially fun Fitness Friday (do I say this about all of them?!) We had a special Valentine Yoga class, where each of our poses involved sending love and positive thoughts to those around us. Having had several yoga sessions with these kids throughout the school year, I have to say that this one was most powerful. Perhaps it was because the kids are more comfortable with yoga, or maybe they are more accustomed to how I lead them through a class, or maybe they were just having a great day. Regardless, I noticed that the ones who are often squirrely and less willing to participate were happy to jump on the mat and demonstrate proper alignment or breath to their classmates. My heart was full and you better believe I shared this with the kids. I had planned to read them a book called “I am yoga” to close out the class, but had one of those last minute brilliant ideas that teachers live for.

One of my very favorite Valentine’s books is called “My Heart is Like a Zoo.” Each page describes very simply what an animals heart feels like, and the animal is created using different sized hearts. We read this to the kids every year and have them make their own page for our own class book. We had planned on doing this sometime before the 14th, but I had am amazing realization that reading this book and moving into the project at the end of this heart opening/feel good yoga class was a must. One thing I always try to communicate with the kids is the idea that yoga isn’t about who can reach the farthest of who can hold the pose for the longest, but its about doing what feels good. Talking about your heart and sending love to people felt like a meaningful way to communicate this, and if you could see have seen them working through the yoga class or creating their animals, I think you would feel the same.

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