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One of my goals, and coincidentally one of my biggest personal challenges, is to be present in my daily life. I remind myself that it's not always the big things that are worthy of attention, but often times it's the little things. The snuggles that result when you snooze your alarm clock or the conversation that evolves when you read that extra bed time story. I have begun to notice these moments more and more in my own life and to me, this is personal growth. Being on vacation has allowed more time for this, for which I am so grateful. I have also noticed that in the quest for presence, I have made less time for responding to emails, writing blog posts, and some of the nitty gritty which need attention. So...I guess my next goal is staring me in the face- time management.

I have a few weeks left before we return to reality but I did want to looking ahead and share three Yoga and Mindfulness classes for which I have written curriculum that I will be teaching this fall at Peachtree Art Therapy. Introducing children to this type of work from an early age has shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve academic abilities, and most importantly, supports their ability to understand themselves and those around them.

The first class is called Books and Bends. This is a literacy inspired Yoga and Mindfulness class designed for young children, ages 3-5. Each week a new book will be introduced to support yoga poses, breathing techniques, and imaginative relaxation. Children will learn to pay attention to the present moment and be in touch with their own feelings and senses, as well as those around them, in order to best support their learning. I feel strongly about setting a solid foundation for children from an early age and this class does just that.

Next up we have Poetic Minds. In this class, children will be guided in creating various types of poetry with corresponding artistic pieces as a way of discovering their own thoughts and feelings. Navigating friendships and difficult situations starts to develop at this age, so the focus will be calming and confidence building.

The third class is called Balanced Bodies and had been developed specifically for Middle School girls. This class is designed for pre-teens to help them understand the importance of a healthy mind and body. We will explore our emotions and physical well-being through dynamic yoga sequences, Mindfulness activities, guided meditations and creative art activities. Yoga experience IS NOT required.

Each of these classes run from Sept 5th-Oct 24th, meeting on Tuesdays. Please visit www.growinggrounded.org for more information, and send me an email to register. Space is limited in each class; personalized classes are available as well.

About Sarah

Sarah is the co-director of team Bristow, a passionate educator and mentor, and an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Just like the rest of us, she seeks to grow every day.

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