Being Authentic.

Authentic (adj.) being what it is claimed to be. Genuine.

This word has been consistently popping up in the my world.

When I took my 95 hour yoga teacher training my mentor Amy Haysman, co-founder of Grounded KIds Yoga, always reminded us that we must be authentic in all that we do. Teaching kids yoga is no exception. I visualize her telling us this as I prepare for all of my classes.

I am currently enrolled in a health coaching program at Emory University, and my professor told us early on that being authentic is the only way to be. Our goal is to create a relationship with clients and to do this we must be listen and respond in a way that builds trust and connection.

I recently shared with a friend that I have felt imbalanced recently. Maybe it was Irma and the stress which our country continues to endure, maybe it was an unexpected trip to the ER, or maybe it was just life ebbing and flowing. It’s been a challenge to find the time to meditate and practice personal self-care, which I spend so much time coaching others to do. Her response? Share this with your clients, be authentic with them. When I stumbled upon the Richard Bach quote, “We teach best what we most need to learn,” I breathed a sigh of relief and reminded myself that it’s about the journey, not the destination.

And earlier this week as I walked through the doors of Trinity to teach my after school classes, I was greeted by a colleague who immediately told me she had been enjoying my blog. I peered over my shoulder to see if anyone was standing, but she was talking to me...MY blog! She offered to help me with a social media piece that was missing in order for my blog to reach more readers. The first thought that popped into my head was, “Wow, she cares so much about educators and students.” And even though we don’t work together directly anymore, she wanted to help. That, to me, is authentic to who she is and the work she does.

I strive to be authentic everyday, I work hard to teach my own children the importance of being authentic, and I like to think I surround myself with others who do the same. Authenticity gives us freedom to be ourselves and be comfortable in our own skin, and it’s also what allows us to connect with others in a way that matters.

Let’s do this together and treat each opportunity, interaction, and experience as a way to get out of our heads and into our hearts.

About Sarah

Sarah is the co-director of team Bristow, a passionate educator and mentor, and an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Just like the rest of us, she seeks to grow every day.