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I am still getting the hang of the whole blog concept and understanding what to blog about vs. what to put in a newsletter, what to post about vs. tweet about, all while being Mindful of not filling up inboxes and causing unnecessary beeps and chimes (which, as we know, take us out of the present moment!)

My husband Austin, who also happens to be my sounding board, business coach, and absolute winner of my biggest fan award, sent the following email to his cycling buddies after a race he did last weekend. I found it to be powerful, impactful, and in line with what we stand for here at Growing Grounded. With that, he seemed like a perfect candidate for my first guest blogger. He may be my only guest blogger, but what he wrote is definitely worth the read.

I hope you enjoy this inspirational story, written by Austin, about a fellow cyclist.


I met Jason this past weekend at the Snake Creek Gap race and was so impressed and inspired by his attitude. This guy's personality is one that puts a big smile on your face. We all know the type; good-timers that bring everyone's stoke up a few notches.

We sat on the bus together for the ride up to the starting line, I'm doing the 50 and he's doing the 34 miler. The only thing that separates the two is 16 miles of easy-moderate trails tacked onto the front end. The two distances share the most challenging climbs and rock garden traverses. Mud, rocks, roots, quick descend-climb transitions, all in sub-freezing temps.

We approached the starting area and wished each other a great race. I didn't think I'd see him again, but after nearly 8 hours of riding, I came out of the woods off a steep ridge, notoriously the most challenging section of the race near the end, and I saw him just ahead of me. I cheered him on to the finish where we exchanged high fives and hugs, two dudes who just completed one of the hardest rides ever ridden.

Jason knows biking would be a whole lot easier with two arms, but having only one doesn't seem to deter him one bit. Rather, it challenges him to find solutions and overcome mental barriers. Truly inspiring. I hope to take a bit of Jason's joie de vivre with me everywhere I go.

Snake Creek Gap time trial

Dalton, Georgia

Still smiling (and likely still freezing) 50 miles later

To hear more, take a moment to read this article I found.

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