A few more meal time tips...

Last week I made a post (linked here) with a handful of my favorite meal time tips to encourage families to get healthy together. Work, school, sports, and homework are just a few of the factors (which we all face!) that make dinner a challenge. What to cook, when to eat, how to serve something that everyone will eat...the list goes on! Dinner should be a time we look forward to, a time to catch up, eat a healthy meal, and spend time together, whatever that looks like in your house, at the end of the day.

Here are a few more tips that we live by in our house that work well for us, and will hopefully help you as well!

1. You don’t have to clear your plate, but try everything before you can have more of anything. Do you want another chicken finger? Try the slaw first! More rice? Give your salad a try first. I never force my kids to eat- I don’t want to be told what to eat and when to eat it, and I am sure they don’t either. But if they have an opinion about what they want more of, I want them to be open minded about the other items.

This leads right into my favorite tip...

2. Give kids some choice in the matter- salad or broccoli? Carrots or peas? We all feel feel empowered when we make a choice, and this is no different. They are more likely to try it if they chose it. Always offer something green- we strive to eat the rainbow but to me, something green is a non negotiable.

3. As the Boy Scouts day, Be prepared. A good motto to live by...always! At home, this may mean knowing what’s for dinner each night (meal planning!) and going to the store at the start of each week so you have what you need. When you are on the go, think about what will travel well with you given where you are going. Does the food need to be kept a certain temp, do you need silverware, portions, etc. And its a bonus if it low waste!

I am keeping it short and sweet this week because I am in full on planning mode for the meal planning program I have been working on- menus, a newsletter, coaching packages, etc. Just the other day a friend asked me how I am doing this with a baby at home and the answer is simple- eating well with my family is a priority. Maybe even now more than ever and when you make time for the things that matter, you find the time.

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The pictrues below are oldies but goodies...and proof that healthy habits can begin at any age!

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