COVID and kids...

My wellness journey has certainly evolved over time. What started with teaching Yoga in a First Grade classroom quickly grew into classes outside of school, one on one instruction, coaching clients of all ages, and now speaking to schools and corporations about wellness as a way of life. As with anything, it took planting the seeds, watering them on a regular basis, watching some things thrive and others struggle to survive, and pivoting every step of the way to continue building my little practice. Growing Grounded continues to be a practice that leads individuals and teams to develop a strong foundation for growth.

Has COVID had an impact on my business? Absolutely. But it hasn’t, by any means, been all bad. Some speaking engagements were canceled while others became virtual events, some clients have had to reschedule for a variety of reasons while others have found even more time to deepen their personal practices. And this is where it has been powerful for me. I have seen more kids in the past few weeks through Google classrooms and Zoom rooms than I have in several months and I want to share with you why, from my perspective, this is happening.

I learned early on that kids are sponges...they listen, they absorb, and oftentimes they follow. So when they are surrounded by adults who are feeling anxious and stressed, you can imagine the impact this begins to have on them. I think we can all agree that stress levels these days seem to be a bit higher for most adults for any number of reasons. Back to the kids, they begin to act and react differently, form different habits, and say things that make us wonder where they learned such words when they are surrounded by stress. Rather than sitting back and letting this happen, pointing the finger at COVID, some parents are realizing that now is the time to equip our kids with tools and strategies to manage their own big emotions. We are doing them a dis-service, not giving them enough credit, if we think they are “too young” for this type of work. They aren’t.

When school is in session and activities are in full swing, time is always an issue. There never seems to be enough of it. We prioritize certain things and use the excuse of not enough time for so many others. But right now, most of us have more time than we know what to do with and we have the opportunity to choose how to spend our time. It’s a pretty good feeling, really. Many people, parents in particular, are choosing now to invest in their children's well being through different types of Mindfulness coaching, online Yoga sessions, and wellness work in general. Sometimes our priorities become a little bit more clear when we have the space to let them.

And lastly, parents, myself included, are starting to see the value of little Mindful moments. The little moments start to add up, and before we know it, the several small steps turn into leaps and bounds. All the sudden we see our kids tapping into their own breath, being less reactive, and saying things like “let’s just keep it simple.”

Let’s use this time to learn some new rhythms, and commit to holding on to them for years to come.

About Sarah

Sarah is the co-director of team Bristow, a passionate educator and mentor, and an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Just like the rest of us, she seeks to grow every day.

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