As a company, Athleta continues to do amazing things around the world. Several months ago they created a jacket that was inspired by a young girl with Type One diabetes. She shared with Athleta her ideas about what a jacket would look like that would make it easy for her to keep her life dependent medical supplies on her at all times. How did Athleta respond? They created the jacket, complete with the stash pockets and features the little girl was looking for to make her diabetes management a little bit easier. As a T1D myself, they won my heart. (See my blog post about it here.)

Last weekend Athleta hosted a webinar speaking to the power of community and building connection. It was fun, empowering, inspiring, and well worth the hour of my time. The presentation by Allyson Felix, an Olympic champion track and field athlete, spoke about how she has worked to overcome the disappointment of not participating in the Olympic games this summer in Tokyo. (If she can find a way to look beyond that, friends, we can do anything!) And then Glennon Doyle hit a homerun with her portion as well, sharing her insight about feelings, intuition, and imagination in young women.

One of the parting pieces of advice from Felix was about working towards goals. She said she writes down all of her workouts and how she feels after each one- unfiltered thoughts with total honesty. She went on to say that in times of need, when she feels un-prepared or begins to doubt herself, she re-visits her journal as a reminder of how hard she has worked and how prepared she is. What happens? It brings her power and peace. Power and peace. I love it. My eight year old son was watching with me and when I asked him what he liked about the webinar, he shared that this resonated with him as well. These are words we most of us can understand, regardless of age or gender, and also that we strive for in our daily lives.

Writing in a journal has been a part of my routine for years. I see it as a place to put my feelings rather than pushing them away which, from my perspective, is both healthy and productive. In fact, this is the foundation for a lot of the work I do with clients. To me, I think of journaling as a “jot lot” - some days it's thoughts and feelings, some days it goals and aspirations, and other days it's whatever is on my mind. What Felix shared, that she comes back to the journal to track her growth, spoke to me. She is reflecting, seeing how far she has come, and allowing herself to find the boost she needs to keep going and growing, from within. A mentor long ago told me that reflection is where the growth happens and I remind myself of this often. It’s an empowering concept for sure

Right now, we are all working to manage the day to day as best we can. Many of us wear several hats- parent, teacher, employee, coach, cook, and spouse to name a few. We are also working to process big emotions, which, as we know, is not easy. Regardless of which hats you wear, the message here is to reflect on how far you have come and use this to move you up and to the right. This practice may be just the thing we need to bring us power and peace.

I’d love to hear if you keep journal and how you reflect on your wins- send me an email let’s continue to build community and connection.

Next week I’ll share some wisdom from Glennon Doyle and how her words relate to valuable Mindfulness practices.

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Sarah is the co-director of team Bristow, a passionate educator and mentor, and an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Just like the rest of us, she seeks to grow every day.

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