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You know when you are STILL thinking about a webinar days or weeks after, it was a good one. That is how I feel about the Athleta “Power of Community” webinar that was held in early May. There were 3 guest speakers, each of whom talked about the power of coming together and embracing community connections during this unprecedented time. Last week I wrote about the words that Olympic athlete Allyson Felix shared, and how she has worked to overcome the disappointment of not participating in the Olympic games this summer in Tokyo (linked here.) If you are interested in feeling inner power and peace, check it out.

The second speaker was Glennon Doyle, an incredible author and speaker who motivates women all around the world to listen to their own inner voice and to seek their true authentic selves. So much of what Doyle spoke about felt parallel to valuable Mindfulness practices which I have grown to live by, and support clients in practicing well.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Mindfulness or meditation practice is that the goal is to “make your thoughts go away.” Have you ever wondered if this is what it’s about? Great news here….it’s not. It’s about creating a sense of awareness....awareness of thoughts, feelings, and sensations. The definition of Mindfulness that I come back to time and time again with kids and adults is “present moment awareness.” Paying attention to what’s happening right here, right now. Seems so simple, but it’s such a challenge.

So how does this tie back into Doyle’s life lesson? She shared that life is not about feeling happy, it’s about feeling everything. Sometimes that is happy, but if we are honest with ourselves, sometimes it’s not. It’s being frustrated with what's happening or sad about what's going on in addition to feeling joy about moments, big and small. When we recognize that all feelings are OK and important, we no longer have anything to hide from, and we are able to be our true selves. I find that so comforting.

When we lack the capacity or the confidence to feel all of our feelings, it’s a lack of connection to self. One of my most favorite Mindfulness concepts to share when I speak to groups is that we have to connect with the moment, so we can connect with ourselves, so we can then connect with others. Sit with that for a moment. It’s very powerful.

This is an invitation to stop what you are doing and have a Mindful moment. Breathe in and out. Notice what you are feeling without the temptation to push it away. Connect with the moment, with yourself, and let’s build community by connecting with each other.

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Sarah is the co-director of team Bristow, a passionate educator and mentor, and an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Just like the rest of us, she seeks to grow every day.

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