Mindful Moments

Video Series

Sarah worked with Jedd Austin, Trinity PE teacher and executive producer of Trinity TV, to creative quick video segments called “Mindful Moments” designed to teach kids strategies to manage their physical and emotional selves through breathwork and basic yoga poses. This segment quickly became a Trinity TV favorite and Sarah’s fame as a Trinity TV personality soared.

Mindful Moments: Episode 1

Big Breath: Episode 2

Balloon Breath: Episode 3

Mindful Moments: Episode 4

Sound Sensations: Episode 5

National Kids Yoga Day

Discovery Woods: Episode 7

Discovery Woods: Episode 8

Mindful Moments: Episode 9

Elephant Breath: Episode 10 

Five Finger: Episode 11

Chair Yoga: Episode 12

Heart Rate: Episode  13
Focus 5: Episode 14
This is your brain: Episode 15

A mindful snack 

What is Mindfulness

Sama vritti

True or False 

A Mindful discussion 

Healthy hacks 

Navigating the grocery Store

Self Care

setting intentions

mindfulness for kids 

Mindfulness tips

Mindful eating 


Healthy eating habits...for kids!